Rahere house Drinking water hot water and heating

As you are probably aware Rahere house has no drinking water we have just been informed (at 22.45) by Islington emergency repairs that that Gem Islington’s contractors are on route to us, we have also been informed that they will be supplying bottled drinking water in the foyer of the block at some point tonight if the pumps can’t be reset.

If we hear anything more we will keep you informed.

Please ensure that your taps are fully turned off

This information was supplied by a Islington emergency repairs operative.

(23:20) Bottled water has just been delivered to foyer, please only take the amount you really need.

Update: (03:55)all power has been shut down in Rahere house affecting all properties and also both lifts and lighting in communal areas due to a burst pipe which has flooded the electricity intake cupboard we are now waiting for Thames water to attend to make repairs and pump out the water.

( 06:30 )Gem islington’s contractor is in the process of distributing bottled water to flats in Rahere house this may take some time due to the lifts not working.

This outage is also affecting hot water supplies in president house.

If you know of an elderly or infirm neighbour please check on them and if possible supply them with some bottled water.

( 08:00 ) contractors on site at Rahere house.

( 09:10 ) The gem engineers have told us that they are hoping to have power to Rahere house back up in approximately five hours but we still have no information regarding the drinking water hot water and heating.

( 11:00 ) Higgins have opened their site compound at the end of President house to residents which has toilet and tea making facilities

( 11:25 ) power restored to Rahere house, including both lifts,

( 15:30 ) update from the TRA

It is very unfortunate we find ourselves with no water or heating.
This is not Islingtons fault.
There is a burst Water pipe, which has flooded the basement, and not boiler breakdown.
Islington and Gem are doing their utmost to get everything back.
Most of the block now has electricity.
please call Stan Goulding who is compiling a list of needs. 
06904266744 Do This ASAP.

Water is continuing to be delivered As It Has Been Since Early Morning (around 600am)
A member of our TRA was helping WALK the block with bottles of water. we have had 3 van loads so far and there may be a water tap available very soon.
They will deliver to vulnerable people if they are on the Council list. If you are Not on the list and feel you should be PLEASE CONTACT the office — or repair line. 
when we receive more updates we will post them here.
thank you for supporting your TRA who have gone over and above their responsibility to ensure this situation is resolved as quickly as possible.
We are suffering the same so please help support us.
Thank you
King square Tra
The above information was correct at the time of publication.

(17:10) the electricians are on site an we are told they hope to restore power to the upper levels of Rahere in the next two – three hours.

(18:30) the power is now fully restored to all floors of Rahere house, due to the nature of the repair drying time the water supply will be reinstated tomorrow ( Tuesday ) morning once the repair has been checked. hot water and heating should be back up by tomorrow evening.

Thank you to Gem for doing their utmost in dealing with this issue and thanks to Tony for being the mainstay of Islington, for being here all day and evening.

King square Tra

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