Tardrew House and Eva Martin Court

Our tenants that moved into these blocks are now settled and enjoying their new homes.  A number of tenants from other Islington estates have also moved into Eva Martin Court, making this a truly mixed block we hope you will join us in welcoming all our new tenants. These new blocks are part of our estate – all part of King Square Estate.

There are several issues that need resolving but we are on top of it and have them in hand. Snagging will continue for a year and be dealt with by Higgins After sales team, please do NOT contact the Higgins team on site.  They are the new build team Not repairs team. Michael and Hayley have gone over and above their role to help us, but they need to concentrate on their true roles.

Islington repairs have been very hit and miss with taking repairs and it is painful.  Please just be patient and keep insisting that they take your repair. Tell them that they must contact Higgins after sales and it should fall into place. If you are getting nowhere or finding it too difficult please contact us either in person or by email via this website and we will help as much as possible.

We will be posting a list of questions and an appeal letter for the Council Tax for the new blocks as its extortionate.


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