community garden & planter area

With the new builds going on we wanted something nice for our current tenants and residents to enjoy for putting up with all the disruption. We all agreed that a community garden and planter area would be nice for us all to enjoy and look after.


If you would like to participate in this growing area, please join our gardening club and look at the dates in your blocks or contact us here All ages and abilities welcome. Would you like a few carrots or some herbs for your dinner? Join us and you can reap what you sow.

Community Garden

This is for everyone living on the estate to relax and enjoy nature. Please be aware that we as a community take care of this area ourselves including anyone who uses the garden We want to have something to enjoy for many years to come. We have applied for funding to buy plants, tools etc to enable us to make these areas our own – lovely to look at, tend to and relax in.

Please do not leave your rubbish behind use bins provided or take it home with you and dispose of it there. Please clean up after yourselves. We wish for everyone to enjoy these areas so please look after them. We will be getting signs made up and bins put into both areas soon.

 No dogs are permitted in these areas at any time.
For more information regarding the gardening club please click here

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